I’m back! With pictures again!

kingarthurWelcome to the new home of Fatherhood Poetic.

Happy Wednesday. New post about everyone’s Daddy (sorta literally speaking, if also kind of abstract! lol): the Milky Way Galaxy. Enjoy.

Blogger, as you may know, is really now another (company) store front of Google’s. And Google’s disingenuous flagship, gmail, as you may also know, has shockingly stingy customer service. That’s overstating it, I’m sorry. They lack customer service worth mentioning, and not to put too fine a point on it, but they can straight up go *(@#)$&!@^$ all the way to their &*^#!! with a !$!=$!!!!

Ahh, I feel vaguely better. Thanks for bearing with me.

So yeah, worst possible experience with Google’s supposed “help” recently has led me to move my operation over here. How do YOU like it so far? I’m quite enjoying it, really. Has a homey feel already.

If you’d checked in recently over at that OTHER Web address, you might have noticed a lack of pictures where most had been. That was tied to the various snafus that have led me — us — over here. So I’m very soon going to have everything reposted here, so if you had something that was just a favorite (lol, as if!) you won’t have to wait too too long my pretties, to have full access again. So far, I’ve reposted the election night blog.

I have many and great updates a’coming, too. Nice to be back. Hope you find this ….and come back for more!



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2 responses to “I’m back! With pictures again!

  1. Donna

    glad you’re back in business. I’m now subscribing to you, but I don’t know how to set it up so I’m notified when you’ve posted something new. I’ll ask someone at work who may know. I love the picture with your latest posting. Did the Inauguration generate any Election-night-like ephianies?

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