My kids are cool. Me…?

Doing little art projects has been a source of great fun for me and the kids for years, now. Due to my tight circumstances — usually and trust me in most ways an “unfortunate” state of affairs — creating art out of what’s merely around has had the fantastic upside of making them impressively resourceful. And that even rubs off on me from time to time!

Like recently, being flush with cash one day, I actually did something that might at first almost seem counter to the found-art method I just described. I bought these little plain white mini-theatrically styled masks that come with paints (definitely aimed at kids), and you then decorate the masks — or help your kid(s) decorate them. (Maybe it doesn’t sound all that different, but rarely do we partake of pre-packaged things like this.)

So I purchased three, one for each of us. When we got home, after breaking out the scissors to get through the gnarly packaging (dontchya HATE packaging?!?) I discovered that the very packaging I was slicing into was contoured front and back around each mask! All we had to do was cut the contoured part free from the flat portion that formed the part where they put promo art and from which stores hang them on racks and viola! Three masks per package! (Not all such masks come in such packaging! Caveat emptor! Some wiley business folks have taken to putting them in boxes! Shop accordingly, parents. ;-)

So the kids’ masks are wild and cool. That’s part one on the link below.

Right around the same time they discovered the fun that’s possible with the effects on PhotoBooth, the cute li’l camera program attached to the built-in iSight cam top ‘n’ center of every iMac. And they went to town.

So the following art endeavors of my kids are ALL THEM. I really barely had any hand at all. The pictures really impressed me cuz they were eager and adamant about how each one was to be composed and look.

Without further ado, proof that my kids aren’t just alright, they’re awesome…but me? Eh, less so… ;-)


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