O that higher power!

The title of this Web log ‘o mine affords a lot of conceptual real estate.

Like today, I’m able to share this random observation with happy confidence since it is indeed — though in its own special way — father-hood, poetic.

So there I was walkin’ along, minding my own business when I happen to notice a license plate (out of state) sporting the vanity imprint reading: “1POWER” — or it mighta been “POWER1”. Whatever it was referencing became clear enough in a second. As my path took me closer to it, the license plate frame came into focus featuring its own little statement which was a first in my license-plate-frame reading experience:

“OUR God is


I never met Jesus (Y’shua) but I have a hunch he might disagree. Or like me, he might have laughed out loud, catching himself afterwards with the realization that who ever was driving that car might not think it was as funny as we did, and if they were around at that moment it woulda sucked to get beat up.



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