In case you didn’t use youtube on Saturday, failed to catch any number of radio stations’ medlies, or somehow forgot — Saturday is what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday.

His big special day was Saturday, Oct 9. Coincidentally, that was also his son Sean’s birthday, who turned 35. John is (sadly, as we all know) dead. Sean, however, is alive and well, carrying on musically, and unfortunately, occasionally to be found brushing aside so many fools who seem to live to feast on the preservation of some warped quasi-theistic imgain-reenactafiction of who and what good ole Beatle John was. Like this ridiculous moment of people totally missing the point.

I think Sean was far nicer than might have been fun.

Annnnyway. What can I say, I’m a big fat unrepentant Beatles fan. Anyone who knows me knows that. I was into the Beatles, maaaaan, before they even HAD 10-part documentaries about them!

Well at least the records of theirs I have on vinyl are original…bought by my dear Beatle-lovin’ mother back when they were first released in the 60s. When I was born, they’d been broken up for a year. My WIFE, however — as I told my kids this weekend — was a wee baby when “Help!” and “Rubber Soul” came out, and was 5 when they broke up: precisely the age our son just turned last week.

But — apropos this post — my favorite little Beatley connection is the fact that my own dad named John was also from Liverpool. And he went to the same art school that John Lennon attended. But my dad was way older. He’d been in the Royal Marines at the very end of WW II, stationed in Egypt as part of the peacetime army of occupation. Not much to do, so he became arts & crafts director for his regiment. Strikes me as hilarious. So on getting discharged he got himself to art school and finished at the Liverpool College of Art some years before John Lennon even entered in 1957. I love how utterly unpretentious the building is. Ya’d never know what would come from it….:-)

Anyway, so with my kids this weekend, I tried not to overdo it with playing songs on Saturday, and I guess it was the right touch, cuz my daughter got excited and then crafted a little card she wants to send to Sean, saying, happy birthday to him, and that she bets he misses his daddy, and she does, too.

Is that not heart melting????

This seems like the best song to commemorate: (song for the Johns and the sons)

To close, here's a podcast mix I made a while ago of the Beatles. It’s a bit ambient. I used bits from a variety of bootleg recordings, the main background track is called “Welcome to Chi Chi’s” from something called “The Lost Pepperland Reel”…and is the four lads just totally goofing, tripping, whatever, as if they’re opening a nightclub called “Chi Chi’s”. Then I mixed in recordings of the Beatles from 1958, 1960, 1962 at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, and then into the big big songs that made them what they were. It trips through the late 60s, and closes with the last song John recorded (so they say), titled, “Dear John”. I hope you dig it.


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  1. Donna Campbell

    Love that you’re passing on your Beatle love to those darling 21st century beings.

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