Ultimate Libraries — happy birthday to my mother, DMC!

For she who gifted me with loving books, I present this gallery from the book Temples of Knowledge: Historical Libraries of the Western World, by photographer Ahmet Ertug. I was going to do the right thing and BUY the book for her, but don’t have $7500 layin’ around. What the! Thank heavens for the website.

Each of the thumbnails below can be clicked to see the the larger, sumptuous version. Share your favorite in a comment, and I’ll share mine. :-)



02/15/2011 · 5:11 pm

6 responses to “Ultimate Libraries — happy birthday to my mother, DMC!

  1. Donna Campbell

    Thank you for the poem. And, thanks for the jaw-dropping photos. As I jotted notes about the ones I especially liked, I realized 1) they were British or French with one lone Portuguese library; and 2) they shared traits of being relatively simple, graceful, and symmetrical. I didn’t like the frou-frouness, garishness, and juxtaposition of too many non-complementary shapes in the Italian, German, Spanish, and Chezch libraries. The title of the book is so apt. These all ARE temples of knowledge and inspiring for that reason alone. Their beauty is a bonus. A great 2-part gift! Thanks so much.

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  3. Huyto

    “Library of the National Palace of Marfa, Portugal”

    Is not Marfa, but MAFRA.

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