– 40! –


I’m 40! Woo hoo!

I’ve finally gotten around to posting this little bit noting the completion of my 40th trip around the sun. The sun — that giver of light, that wing-threatening fire in the sky, that center of our local gravity, that determinant of the earth’s very spin and thus of the ur-perennial metronome of light and shadow which shapes our funny little human way of perceiving life, the universe and everything. That’s a pretty heavy duty thing to make a full trek all the way around, when ya think of it like that.

Or then again, maybe not. Cuz as our spaceship Earth flies around that sun, so does the time fly right by. Forty years is but 14,610 days. Maybe it’s just me, but that somehow doesn’t sound like a long time at all. That’s only 350,640 hours! With any luck I’ll get another 14,000 days — and you will, too, since let’s be honest: we could use another 14,000 or so days, am I right? Heck, I’ve never even been to Club Med! See, that right there was a joke; Club Med is not on my list of Things I Need To Do. I’m not knocking it, but ya know, there are other things ahead of it in line, so to speak. Heck, I haven’t been able to return to the Venice Bienale (epic art showcase every odd-#’d year in Venice, Italy), or to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival! And obviously those are after the whole Conquering the World thing.

Well, I better get cookin’, right?

Good ole banner-year birthdays like 40 give a person the opportunity to, you know, take stock and assess this ‘n that about oneself. Which is to say that yes, *I* took that opportunity this time around. I mean, what the heck, right? Forty is after all, well known for just how nice and even a number it is. Also, I found it possible to pretend I really did it for my own personal (solipsistic) reasons (thus pretending to ignore the obviousness that the “popularity” of taking stock of your life at 40 years owes itself to its tending to be the middle of a lifespan and a very natural moment to assess where you’ve been, what you want, and how getting it seems to be working for you.)

Sooo….since 40 is indeed just a number, I turned to — what else — numerology! — as that personal excuse and means to reflect upon myself on “myself at 40”. LOL Numerology gets a bad rap, I must say. Here’s my super-quick explanation of why it’s not a waste of time. One, numerology does not lay claim to numbers being the agents of any causality, nor do I view them that way. If some fans of it do so, well don’t blame numerology for their misunderstanding that part. Secondly, its value is instead as a pattern-recognition metric. Bucky Fuller — that genius of architecture, math, environmentalism, and more held the same view and states it brilliantly here), and does some matheletic gymnastics demonstrating ….well, demonstrating SOMEthing crazy and mathematicalistical or something here!

Annnyway, numerology breaks down your name and birth date into 5 single-digit numbers, which signify different large patterns in your life. In my case, the number “4” happens to pop up noticeably a lot: April’s the 4th month, 13 (the day) becomes in numerology-land, 1+3, which = 4. Sparing you other details, I end up w/ the number “8” twice in my bag ‘o #s. If that weren’t enough for me, the year I’m turning 40, 2011, reduces in numerology-land to 2+0+1+1=4! Woo hoo! Such fourwardness of the numbers gave me all the reasons I needed, “for”s if you will, to begin my stock taking. I began, appropriately enough, well before the bday on the second day of February, or 2/2/2011.

Now, as the lovely Julie Andrews notes, u-hem… when you count you begin with 1, 2, 3…

My Birthday Numero Uno, awww yeah

——So, naturally I started here, @ bday #1…

…and it went on and on, and I found myself here @ 40:

Ok, so wasn’t aiming at tossing myself in the Total Perspective Vortex — so naturally in taking stock I surely found areas that need changing. I crafted a handy-dandy plan toward exaltation. But unlike our poor Icarus, who got burned, my own flight of fancy remains firmly rooted within the grooves of life here on earth. (Or, as I can much more efficiently say to anyone who speaks Buddhist: I clarified action items for more diligently pursuing/allowing to blossom right effort among other things on the path that emerges from the Noble Truthspointed out in Buddhism.)

And what exactly was my take-away? What did I gain out of this “taking stock at 40” thing?

Welp, it turns out it’s pretty basic: eat more fruits and veggies, be nice as much as possible, avoid people who aren’t or who make you want to not be nice, read a good book every now and then, and make a whole helluva lot more money! Easy peezy! Oh, there is one CRAZY challenge I discovered, though: getting my KIDS to eat more fruits & veggies! Ay yi yi! Well, if *I* do, that helps my chances on getting another 14,000 days, which definitely helps that endeavor. :-)

And now, for some completely other people’s birthdays.

1999, the birthday that MCAC & I co-celebrated in Mexico

Flight from SF to SD: $75 – Car to Mexico: $80 – Bringing back this singluar shot? Priceless

In this sunset picture: 4 dot com surfers, 2 life partners on left, 2 music partners on right; various configurations of housemates and co-workers between the 4. Neat-O!


“Yeah, whatever dude!”

2000, Colin’s 30th:

Matty V jocular, Colin sustains vigilence…

…that sustain’s still goin’…right?

Reeve, seriously

2002,RST’s 29th:


…four to end.

Thank you all 4 every minute of every moment 4 all the times that’s added up to these past 40 years and 40 more in store. I love you all madly, madly and will love you 4everrr!


(I *just* noticed the #s on the shirt! Doh! lol)


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