Backlog of cuteness


As a colleague/some-time boss of mine at TechTV once said to me and to a young-turk fresh out of college w/ a shiny new degree in broadcast who had gone through an entire two-hour tape TWICE without seeing a single usable shot for an Antiques-Roadshow-style tech-talk show we were doing from which in literally 12 minutes I’d run through the whole tape and isolated at least four usable shots of darling little kids….on their daddy’s shoulders looking intently at the stage …holding mommy’s hand peering shyly at the fascinating cameras…laughing as they ran under a table in their own li’l worlds….he said so plainly that the truth could not be denied — and schooled that young turk intern:

(with emphasis on both the first word, and the last, thus emphasizing the matter-of-factness as if one were saying: 2 plus 2 DOES equal 4…re-MEM-ber?)

Kids are cute.

(as in KIDS are CUTE)

They sure are.

Here’s some backlog of cute times recently. You’ll find the “Hands that became kitties” and other delights… :-)


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One response to “Backlog of cuteness

  1. Donna Campbell

    The young Turk intern truly got it right and these particular kids are the CUTEST!

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