Fatherhood PATRIOTIC…?!?!

Welp, another 4th of July has come and gone.

It’s a perennial favorite of mine, what with it being in the thick of the summer, those long long days and warm nights. I’d say it’s even been one of my personal high-holy days…in that for seven years the 4th of July weekend was witness to a yearly group hug, so to speak, among a certain group of affiliate deep friends of mine in the form of getting away from the city and relaxing in a particular rental house overlooking the bit of coast where the Russian River empties into the Pacific Ocean on the Sonoma Coast.

One of those endless perfect days, probably around 1999, I grokked that I was quite fortunate indeed to have such rewarding unstructured time my friends, and was humbled by the gift of their friendships. Concluding that the July 4th weekends we spent at that place were a sort of personal reset button, my own private check-in-w/-how-things-were-workin’-out-for-me sorta deal, I declared to whomever it was I was walking down the beach with that if I should ever have a son, I’d preserve that nugget of goodness in his name.


So that’s my soft-lit little moment of “awww” nostalgicky oobleck.

THIS 4th of July, 2011 was here in the pleasant, tree-lined bit of Oakland I like to call our own little slice of Noe Valley in the East Bay.

And there I was all, all breakin’ out the pop-culturally consumable magazine about the Declaration of Independence….makin’ a slide show for the kids on the computer of the Declaration, Independence Hall…

…my bday-mate Thomas “I make land deals that make Trump into the chump he is” Jefferson… …Ben “mistuh C-Note to you” Franklin…

and even pix of little kids in colonial times. You know, trying in my subtle (ha!) way to vibe the history, yo…to learn my little kids a little something.

I was all at the ready with the list of all their ancestors who were alive and in America on July 4th, 1776: there were 72 total, 12 of whom were kids under the age of 12! Surely that would get them excited…relating to certain ancestors 7 generations ago who were their own age…!!

Yeah well it held their attention for a little bit. And then they moved on.

And SOME-where in it all I was just sharing needle-drop snippets on YouTube of classic 4th of July MUSIC — Sousa and such — and playing around with my straight-laced historically minded hoo-ha…and they just….ran amok!

Check it out: The Big 4th of July V I D E O


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  1. Donna Campbell

    Where’s the link to the video?

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