Halloween’again! 2011

I was charmed this year when the mail brought from my mom a tri-pack of greetings cards for Halloween — one card for each of the kids….including this, here OLDER kid, u-hem, and the note she’d written for me noted that she hoped I would enjoy “my favorite holiday.”

And indeed it still is!

I reprised my sorta all-purpose WW II bomber pilot/random 1940s style Army guy, but as usual these days, of much more interest are the kiddies’ ‘stumes:

A black kitty-tiger and a ninja. A specific ninja, actually: ColeDX, part of a new toy and cartoon series from Lego called Ninjago Spinjitsu:

Here is the lego ninja inspiration along with some of the young lady’s face painting from the night before. (I told her we should open a booth next year for her to get face painting cuz she’s freakin’ good at it! :-)


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One response to “Halloween’again! 2011

  1. Donna

    Love the photos and appreciate the detail re: Jenner’s Ninja.

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