Easter in Suburbia – 2012 (in which I begin to catch up)

Easter is cool. Because the weather at that time of year is just perfect in Phoenix, where I grew up, and where my dear ole mom still resides and flies me and the kids for the holiday weekend.

It’s also cool because the name of the holiday comes pretty much directly from the Old Skool, pre-Christian spring festivals of northern Europe, on to which the Church of Rome et al soldered the whole “He is Risen” mythic-fictive allegorical deal. Since, after all, it’s highly reflective indeed of the underlying notions the pre-Christians had for celebrating in the spring; ie, how excellent it was that the earth would again be fertile thanks to the sun rising (once again) earlier, shining longer etc. And for them, rabbits were THE manifestation of fertility.

So…spring, Oester, rabbits, eggs (new life)…Christians wanted to get popular with the (Old S)kool kidz (who were not Xian)…et viola, we have hollow chocolate bunnies to contend with! [sic]

Ugh…my kids recently informed me, btw, that it seems I’m full of lots of groaners these days (ie, not knee-slappers). And I say…..yeah. Sorry ’bout that.     How ’bout these Easter pictures, huh???!  ;-)

Ladies & Germs, the actually totally awesome Easter decor and immersive setting of one of my family (one of the Ladies from the Pack of Wild Feminists who raised me.)


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