…In which I continue catching up on posting

Wow, did the summer pass quickly, or what!
So here are some other things that happened this late spring that I should’ve posted then.

Silly and Jolly came up with a little clowning skit for their talent show. Short n sweet and cute n funny. Here are some pix. Afterwards I was walking with my son through the crowd to get a snack and an older boy (young teen) stopped us and said to Jolly, “Hey, I liked your skit. It was really funny.”

To which my son replied, “I know”, sounding more like the Fonz than  you’d think possible for a kid who never watched him on Happy Days. It cracked me up, and I smilingly said to him that “thank you” is the correct response to a compliment like that. So he immediately said “thanks”.  It was all good fun.


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