Controlled Foamalition, Space Pods & Pottery


Ah yes, there comes a moment in every dad’s life when he must decide: will he be stalwart and stand by his initial “No, way!”, or will he rather fold, capitulate, and say yes, but in that does he not simply allow the inevitable? I refer, of course, to the a dad’s facing that fateful moment when he decides to allow his kiddies to: PLAY WITH THE SHAVING CREAMEXIF_JPEG_T422

Is there any stopping them? Will they relent from their “pleeeaaase?!” Methinks not. (And, word to the wise, when they’re at this young age, it’s still no hard task to simply dole out limited amounts of shaving cream and then place the source canister far from where little hands can reach. Thus: Controlled Foamalition.)


Their havoc was minimal. The aftermath, manageable. The beards, well…quite handsome, yes?


Well so it was also a rainy weekend, here in California. And with the sustained, heavy rains comes the long-awaited return of:       the SPACE PODS!

(see top of page)



Here they are on their last visit to our planet:

Friendly creatures, though, curiously, it never fails that they emerge from their pods with requests for “chocolate!” and “toys!” Science, take note!


EXIF_JPEG_T422And last, but not least, here are some recent creations the kids made. They call EXIF_JPEG_T422the pieces, cxollectively, “tiny pottery” and were quite amused with themselves.

I reminded them my dad has been a potter for 60 years, and they then insisted on my taking pictures to EXIF_JPEG_T422send to him. Is the poetry of EXIF_JPEG_T422this in my mind, or could it be right there on their faces, posing, as they were, for a different man than the one who was actually behind the lens?


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One response to “Controlled Foamalition, Space Pods & Pottery

  1. Donna Campbell

    Love this post. What great ways to enjoy a rainy weekend.


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