2012 – The Flyby

JPC-astrofly FINIS 412 copy 2


Up in air!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!  No, it’s Fatherdadman posting such a wide array of pix from the last part of 2012 that he has to call it a “flyby”!

Yup. This batch of pix rounds out highlights from the Year That Wasn’t The End [sic].

DSC00037 copy

We start with a little time-warping, in that the pic of me as Snape  —->       was taken minutes before I shaved in the mirrorless kiddie bathroom at the kids’ school the night of the Halloween party (see previously posted pic, taken *after* the shaving). lol

I s’ppose the time-warp carries on, in a Merlin sort of way…

Cuz these next are from earlier in the Fall at a fantastic public park and EXIF_JPEG_T422garden styled after the meticulously designed European ones from bygone eras. My two little animals re-purposed the place into a simulacrum of an EXIF_JPEG_T422intergalactic training facility for some sort of magically-inclined cyborg-type freedom fighters.



Yes, the young master centers and sees all.





Focus. Focus!


EXIF_JPEG_T422 And here are adventures with orange-yellow play-dough….


And here are nifty clouds:


Dolphin on a stand!


The moon is an eye in a blue face. See it?


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