Another 146 Million Miles: Summer 2013


Howzit feel to have almost another 150 million miles under the belt? That’s how far our spaceship earth has gone in its curve around the sun since summer kicked off at the top of June.


“Fascinating, father. You don’t say! DO go on….”

Riiiiight!   U-hem, so moving on, then: I feel like I haven’t been this far behind on the ole bloggy blog for a while! Sorry, folks <sound of crickets…or ice in cocktail glasses…or that popping sound that cheap plastic cocktail cups make; take your pick of sounds to insert ..hee hee>

So let’s get to it.

Summer 2013

aka, The Summer They Said Would Never Happen

                                                    – or –

The Summer Rescued from the Maw of Magical-thinking Catastrophists…for LIVIN’, EASY!


It began with the Running of the Quadlings, and boy! whatta time!




It looks weird at first, though, huh? It’s this actually quite cool yearly ritual on the last day of the schoolyear at the slightly alternative style school the kids attend.

SImageo (rewinding, slightly), after those moments of taking note of the last big projects the kids complete at the end of the schoolyear, things are Imagequantified, their dealies are documented and school year declares itself complete. Finis. Over. Done. Schooooool’s / Out! / For / Summer!  And the children were happy. So at my kids’ school they do this cool thing to mark the end of each year.


ImageGathered together by grade (K, 1st, 2nd, etc, up to 5th), the kids stand at one end of this field and when the principal (a very smart, very cool lady) congratulates them all (parents manning the sidelines, cameras in hand), and then gives the green light, the kids all stampede across the stretch, crossing over, as it were, to the next grade, albeit the three month vacation before that grade begins classes. It’s very neat, actually.



There were, as usual for kids these days, various little week-long camps throughout the summer, not all are pictured. My boy loves his Golden State Warriors and got to lEXIF_JPEG_T422earn more than I ever did about dribbling and shooting in the Warriors’ actual practice space (among other camps EXIF_JPEG_T422where he learned to stop worrying and love GarageBand, where they both got into space-oriented things and more).

The Earth. It Moves.       You Know, around and, Well…It Just KEEPS on Going…

Then there was the yearly official reminder in the form of my ever-more-elongated daughter that the earth surely does keep up its 19 miles a second clip around that ole bastard of a sun.

For her 10th birthday party she chose to have her guests and parents (who required the inclusion of other parents) inhabit the world of Hogwarts School of Magic for the afternoon. And so she planned what each of the adults would be professors of at our own li’l Hogwarts. There were squeals of delight, peals of laughter and of presents littering the air, the ground and the memory.

It was a total blast.

More later…(but not as “later” as this one was!)  :-)



Image                Image     


And we played. Is this a toy car …or is it memorex???



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