More Recent (and, u-hem, some backlog…) Photos


Ah yes.

It was utter genius. Or perhaps I’m just not that hip when it comes to just how fun parties can be…ok, scratch that, but nonetheless, I learned something new about what sorts of things can be easily rented to enhance a party with sugar! And what does a kid birthday party need but that, eh? (:-o)

But seriously, if there’s gonna be sugar at the bday fest, might as well get cool with it. So this very nice and totally with-it dad rented a snow cone machine and a cotton candy machine for his son’s birthday that my kids and I attended a few months back. It was awesome! On-demand cotton candy?!!? On-demand snow cones…a-and where you get to pour your own syrup?!   It was great. We had fun. Above is a picture.




From a delightful li’lgift my daughter got for HER birthday, she learned how to make her thumb appear like a person hanging off a ledge.   Bwah ha ha ha.






And here we are AT my daughter’s birthday this summer. I’m in a toga (and everyone’s in purple) since this year’s theme was “Camp Jupiter”, a boarding-school and training camp for demi-gods born of the Roman pantheon from the Percey Jackson follow-up series of novels. Awesome, brilliant stuff.


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