I became a dad in the summer of 2003 (to a daughter) and to a son in the fall of 2005. Since I didn’t get to experience having a dad it probably serves to make me take being a dad more importantly than anything else in my life. Life really does seem to unfold with ample opportunities (if one’s looking with the right sort of eyes) for encountering, countering, fixing, avoiding, or yes, repeating the sins of the father, such as they may be.

The title of the blog comes from a poem I dashed off in 1994 in (deep) honor of a best friend’s collegiate (and thus seemingly premature, seemingly unprepared) entry into fatherhood and the Da-Da-Dum Dad-Drums of the ages drumroll, a-hem, pregnant with ironies rendered moot by his out of hand reification in being his daughter’s dad.


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