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So Recently Summer

I’ve been playing a lot over the last year or so with the camera settings on my phone camera, things like the white balance, the shutter speed and the ISO (light sensitivity). 20180805_181606 copyMostly I’ve found a lot of interest with the white balance such that mostly the blue end of the spectrum shows in pictures.

Such as in this one.


However, these recent shots resulted when I switched to the other extreme of filtering out the blue end instead. 20180805_183406 copy 2






Me and the ever-steadily-ascending kidlings. Enjoy.

K & J 818





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Xmas 2017!

20171224_215452 copy

Ahh puppies!

20171224_215446 copy





And so here are shots of MY puppies from this recent Christmas.





It naturally always begins with the Christmas eve one-gift-each tradition. She (the elder) got kitty stuff–er, rather, a calendar and a book we’ve loved in bookstores for years called “I Could Pee on This”.

20171224_215455 copy




He got the puppy iteration: “I Could Chew on This” with his calendar.




Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.24.56 PM


Per the usual, we spend the winter holiday in Phoenix, Arizona, where I grew up and where my mom still lives.




Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.31.09 PM

A chunk of our usual extended family wasn’t there this year, which made it a little different – they were missed –  but it was lovely all the same.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.31.28 PM



In fact next year will be the 40th xmas together with the group that couldn’t make it this time around.

This is my mom. :-)

And of course, Santa Kylen Claus!







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Sometimes, It Appears, Life is Perfect


Here are the rest of the birthday shots I promised last time. (From my son Jolly’s 9th bday.)

(The shots of the kids last time (throwing paper dragon airplanes) was on his actual birthday.)

The shots I’m posting today are from the next weekend when he had a joint party with one of his and his sister’s friends at a local beach.

The luckies had two rockin’ cakes thanks to my insanely cake-proficient ex:happy


This blue fella is a character named “Happy”. He’s a talking and flying cat with magical powers in “Fairy Tail” a truly engaging and fantastic anime developed from a manga that I watch semi-religiously with the kids. I’ll post about it later, but suffice it to say Fairy_Tail_Animeit’s great.


This guy you’ll also see on two legs at the bottom of this post. His name is “Hatty Hattington”, and he’s a character and sort of a mascot from a popular new video game called “Battleblock Theater” from “The Behemoth”, the game developers known for “Castle Crashers” and “Alien Hominid”. It’s useless trying to explain this game (or, what I can at this point only guess is whatever genre it must belong to, since I have yet to research it…that’ll be two postsBattleblockcover from now lol). But having watched a good deal of play and the 20-minute extended “intro”/trailer/cut-scene and having gleaned some true comic genius within, I’d have to say the game represents some new kinda very funny, very media savvy sensibility…but I have no idea what I’m talking about…!!!  :-o

The kids freakin LOVE this guy…this is honestly the 1st thing in my kids’ lives that I have NO idea whatsoever of why they’re soooo into it.

Go figure, welcome to the next phase, dad.


These shots

were taken as it was winding down…


…and the remaining party kiddiewinx

were off in their own zone



of kid perfection



Methinks not just at one with the elements

but indeed, the very pillar between heaven and earth,


binding all four elements together

And finally,

here’s halloween.





(in my most spontaneous and wacked costume evrr!)

And a P.S….here’s a shot from my own 9th bday. Which was in Las Vegas. Which is sort of ironic because it was there in 2002 on July 20 that I returned and married the mother of my kids, the son of whom just turned…9!  Good times. (The excellent people standing next to me are my lilfelong friends who are brothers, and the funny-man making razzle-dazzle over us was a friend who’d been a neighbor to us all then moved to Vegas where we were able to catch up at that time.)


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